Himmers eco-friendly all-in-one foldable backpack you can carry with you

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The Himmers foldable backpack is the perfect companion for any adventure,

big or small. This versatile backpack is made from eco-friendly rPET material,

making it a sustainable choice without compromising functionality or style.

Ultralight and Foldable: Folds to a compact size for easy storage and travel.

Perfect for throwing in your suitcase or purse for unexpected shopping trips or day hikes.

Spacious Capacity (25 Liters):

Don’t let its foldable design fool you! This backpack offers plenty of space to hold all your essentials,

from your laptop and tablet to everyday essentials like clothes, water bottles, and more.


This backpack is made with high-quality waterproof nylon fabric and reinforced stitching to withstand harsh weather and keep your belongings safe.


Multiple compartments keep your gear organized and easy to access.

No more digging around in the bottom of your bag for your keys or phone!

Smooth Zipper:

High-quality two-way zipper ensures easy opening and closing,

even when the backpack is fully loaded.


This foldable backpack is made from rPET material,

allowing you to reduce environmental pollution without sacrificing style or performance.

Himmers provides customizable, eco-friendly foldable backpack solutions for major brands

Unrivaled Customization: Create a backpack that perfectly reflects your brand. We offer a wide range of customization options, including:


coloring scheme

logo placement

Material selection (explore different rPET options or consider other sustainable materials)

Superior Quality: Himmers prioritizes quality to ensure your brand’s reputation:

OEM/ODM expertise: Leverage our experience in original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and original design manufacturing (ODM).

We can work together to bring your vision to life from initial concept to final production.

Contact Himmers today to discuss your private label needs! We look forward to working with you.

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