Himmers Premium Breakaway Neck Lanyard

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The Himmers Premium Breakaway Neck Lanyard is a comfortable and functional accessory that works well for a variety of occasions and people. Its soft material, convenient fastening and secure breakaway buckle make it a rare choice.

The Himmers Premium Breakaway Neck Lanyard is an accessory designed to be comfortable and functional.

Lanyards are made of ultra-soft 100% polyester material that allows your neck to always feel comfortable during work or various activities. It is ideal for students, teachers, office workers, etc.

This neck lanyard features a flat loop and J-hook so you can secure ID, name badges, badge holders, accessories, and keys. Whether it’s an ID card or a key chain, it can be easily attached to the neck lanyard.

This neck lanyard also comes with a strong and secure breakaway buckle. Even when carrying heavier car keys or key chains, the breakaway buckle stays closed and won’t come loose easily. However, in an emergency, you can easily release the breakaway buckle to ensure your own safety.


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