Himmers straw embroidered straw hat summer beach style eco-friendly decoration

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This embroidered straw hat features a round crown and a flat wide brim,
and you can customize the hood and hat band with your own pattern.

Himmers Straw Hat is an eco-friendly summer beach-style hat. It has the following advantages and features:

Environmentally friendly material:

Himmers straw hats are made of natural straw, contain no harmful substances, and comply with environmental protection requirements.

Fine handwork:

This embroidered straw hat is finely made by himmers’ high-quality cooperative factories.
Every detail is carefully carved, showing the quality of advanced customization.

Unique design:

The round crown, flat and wide brim design of the Himmers embroidered straw hat has both a bar style and a romantic feeling on the summer beach. This design makes the hat look stylish without sacrificing sun protection.

Customized personalization:

In addition to providing basic styles of embroidered straw hats, Himmers also allows customers to customize the brim and hatband with their own patterns, making your brand’s hats unique and highlighting your brand style.

In short, Himmers straw hat is a high-quality environmentally friendly decoration.
Its unique design and personalized customization allow you to have a hat that best suits your brand, making every wearer more charming and fashionable on the beach in summer.

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