The Best Bike Rack Bag to Keep Your Essentials Organized


Himmers’ bicycle rack bag has many features such as large capacity, heat preservation, and strong safety.
It is a good helper for self-driving travel.

Easy to set up and accessible as a shopping bag or shoulder bag, this bike rack bag combines practicality, safety and convenience.

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Himmers is an experienced OEM/ODM bags factory, our newly developed bike rack bag is an indispensable helper for cycling travel. With a large capacity of 10 liters, this bike rack bag is designed with a main compartment, a top pocket and a water bottle pocket inside, which can help you store essentials such as water bottles, raincoats, tools and more in a reasonable manner.

Security is a matter of utmost importance in our design.
This bike rack bag is equipped with several reflective strips, which can increase visibility and safety at night even in low light conditions.
In addition, tail lights (not included) can also be installed on the rear of the bag, which greatly improves the safety of riding.

Waterproof and heat insulation is another important point we consider.
This bike saddle bag is made from water-resistant fabric with an insulated interior lining to keep your drinks and food tasty for hours.
Even on rainy days, there is no need to worry about the contents of the bag getting wet.

Easy installation is also one of our design concepts.
This bike rack bag comes with adjustable mounting straps for quick installation and removal.
At the same time, we also equipped it with an adjustable shoulder strap, which is convenient for you to use when you are not riding, as a shopping bag or a shoulder bag.

This bicycle rear storage bag is suitable for most bicycle racks, such as mountain bikes, road bikes and more.
It can be a bike rack bag, shopping bag and shoulder bag.
The elastic bungee cord on the top can also increase the storage space, which is convenient for you to store more items.

In short, this bicycle rack bag is a product with excellent practicality, safety and convenience.
It not only protects your belongings from damage, but also improves your riding safety.
Whether it’s for cycling touring or everyday use, this bike rack bag is your go-to bag.


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